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Plain X-ray

We do all body X-ray investigations. The x-ray beam passes through the body and is captured by an image to create a picture your body organs. It a is safe and painless procedure that has to be requested by your doctor. It helps in diagnosis , treatment plan and follow up.


Ultrasound is a medical test that uses sound waves to create images of your internal body organs using a probe. We carry out general abdominal and pelvic scans. Obstetric and Gynaecology scans, musculoskeletal ultrasound scan, orbital, thyroid, salivary glands, scrotum , breast and neonatal brain scan. Joints and Doppler studies of blood vessels. It is a safe and painless procedure.



A mammogram is a safe and fast procedure with minimal discomfort for most women. It is the best screening and diagnostic method used for detection of breast cancer. It can detect cancer early helping to improve chances of survival. Your mammogram should be checked annually from 40 onwards depending on the clinical suspicion.

Bone Density + Body Mass Index

Osteoporosis is a condition that causes bones to become thin and porous, decreasing bone strength and leading to increased risk of breaking a bone. The Bone Mineral Density (BMD) is a safe, painless and accurate test used to measure the density of your bones. A BMD test can tell whether or not you have osteoporosis and how easily your bones can break in case of injury. Patients over the age of 50 are advised to have regular bone density screening.


 Ibreast exam

This hand-held portable device can detect lumps in a woman’s breast within a matter of minutes.  This is an early detection tool for breast cancer.  It is highly affordable, innovative and accurate tool that can be used in both urban and rural settings.  iBreast Exam early detection screening is only available at Village Imaging.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a simple, safe and painless medical test that uses combination of strong magnets to produce remarkably clear pictures of your internal organs. MRI is used to scan almost all the organs of your body. Unlike x-ray and CT, MRI does not involve use of ionizing radiation. The MRI scan is safe for pregnant women as well as babies


CT scan

Computerised Tomography (CT) is a simple, safe and painless medical test that uses X-rays to acquire detailed images of the internal body organs. It combines a series of x-ray images from different angles around your body and uses computer processing to create images of the internal organs. CT provides more detailed information than plain x-rays. CT scan examinations help in diagnosis, treatment plan, follow up and staging of various body diseases. Our CT scan can be completed within 6 minutes. 

Cardiac Ultrasound

A cardiac ultrasound (echocardiogram) is a scan of the heart. It is a painless way to see flow of blood through your heart as well as the function of its chambers. The procedure helps doctors to detect and treat heart conditions.


Mobile Diagnostic Clinic

Our mobile diagnostic clinic is the first in Africa to offer Mammogram, X-ray & Ultrasound services.

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